Now you can be MacGyver with this multi-function clip

Now you can be MacGyver with this multi-function clip

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Are you the type of person that always likes to be prepared for any emergency? If so you might be the type that would carry around a multi-tool, however, the majority of multi-tools can be a bit too bulky for everyday carrying. Well you need to check out the Leatherdos mini tools clip that can be kept in your hair.

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This handy little gadget is cool enough to carry around and no one has to know that it is a multi-tool kit. The clever tool allows you to always be prepared as it comes with a flat head screwdriver, perfect for the small screws in glasses or mobile phones.

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The multi-tool also features a 5/16 wrench which could come in handy for those times when you need to tighten up a bolt. There is also a serrated edge that acts as knife so that you can hack through materials such as rope and it is said that it doesn't cause discomfort when worn in your hair.

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It also comes with a ruler for measuring, it can be used to cut an orange or other food and it can hold things, incense for example. Furthermore, it doubles up as a trolley coin.

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This is one of the smallest multi-tools that you can get and the price tag is as small, costing just $10.

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