Beautiful Southern Designed Bunk Bed is Compact with Sitting Space and Shelving

Beautiful Southern Designed Bunk Bed is Compact with Sitting Space and Shelving

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This stunning Southern bunk bed design is from the Del Mar Construction Company and it brings a taste of the south to your home. This is a bunk bed that not only looks beautiful but being compact it still offers sitting and sleeping space for two people, complete with shelving for books and decoration.

[Image Source: Del Mar]

The bunk bed was originally designed for small rooms as it allows two people to sleep, with one bed being positioned over the other. The top bed is accessible by a ladder and the bunk bed is a firm favorite of children. Bunk beds essentially make the most out of the small space that is available. There are numerous designs of bunk beds on the market, but few are as stunning as the one here.

[Image Source: Del Mar]

The Del Mar Construction Company has managed to bring all the charm of a southern plantation home to this bedroom in a condo that has been remodeled. The dark wood of the bunk bed is complemented with the use of dark wood on the floor and mixes beautifully with white walls. The owners of the condo wanted to get as much hidden storage space as they possibly could from the small room and this design certainly offered a solution.

[Image Source: Del Mar]

The bunk beds feature a lounging area with cushions along with plenty of room for storage of small items and books. A single step leads to the lounging area while at the side is a rope feature. The steps leading up to the top bunk have been beautifully crafted in black metal to contrast the dark wood and provide the perfect footholds to the top bed.

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