Independent off the grid living micro style with Ecocapsule

Independent off the grid living micro style with Ecocapsule

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Details have been revealed about the Ecocapsule, a micro shelter that is able to operate off the grid offering sustainable technology that is impressive. This includes such as collection of rainwater and filtration, wind power and solar power. A prototype is going to be made available soon and the company behind it hope that it will be available later on this year.

[Image Source: Ecocapsule]

The Ecocapsule has measurements of 446.8 x 240.7 x 248.7cm and offers floor space of 8 square metres. This small home is versatile and can be positioned just about anywhere as it can be transported on a trailer. Nice Architects say that the micro-home can be used as a small home, a spare bedroom, office and it can be a charging point for an electric car.

[Image Source: Ecocapsule]

The capsule has its own toilet and shower, small kitchen, a dining room, work area, folding bed and plenty of storage room. There is one door in the tiny capsule and two windows that can be opened.

[Image Source: Ecocapsule]

One of the most impressive things about the Ecocapsule is the sustainable technology that it offers. The capsule has a 2.6 square meter solar panel on the roof along with a battery system integrated into it. It also has a 750 watt wind turbine that is silent and can be extended on a pole and retracted. The small bathroom comes with a composting toilet along with shower and drinking water is provided thanks to a rainwater collection and filtration system.

[Image Source: Ecocapsule]

The finer details of the Ecocapsule haven’t been revealed by the company at the moment and it is thought that the Ecocapsule is going to be unveiled in Vienna May 28 at the Pioneer’s festival. Pricing is said to be competitive and if all goes to plan it will be on sale later on this year.

[Image Source: Ecocapsule]

Watch the video: Egg-Shaped Home Is A Self-Sustainable Ecocapsule (July 2022).


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