21 Hilarious Home Design Fails So Bad They Shouldn’t Exist

21 Hilarious Home Design Fails So Bad They Shouldn’t Exist

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There is one thing we are completely sure of: not everyone is born to be a designer. A good eye for form and composition is not something that comes around often; however, confidence is the only thing that people seem to need for designing these days.


This Instagram account shares terrible home designs from all over the world. Phallic shaped pools and cribs made from trucks that make “truck bed” a reality actually exist. These people are out there and every day they make new decisions that redefine the words absurd, ugly, and stupid. If you think that you’ve seen enough after watching Twilight, just stay tuned, we’ve got a big storm coming for you.

We’ve gathered 21 home design fails that will make you question the right to artistic liberty.

1. The Balcony Problem

Extreme conditions require extreme solutions: the Texas weather is making your life miserable and you don’t have a jacuzzi that will cool you off? Just make your balcony a jacuzzi and your problem will be solved.

We just hope that they considered the effects of a distributed load.

2. The Say-Goodbye-To-Your-Poo Toilet

This picture should be the header image for “TMI”. Who wants to watch their dump flinging off to the unknown world of sewers?

3. The Time-Out Counter

This is where you will be sent to if you cuss during dinner with your parents. Cons, you will be eating alone and sulking; pros, you can be the news anchor and it is your time to shine.

4. The Lion Table

Maybe they should have tried neutering the lion before actually making it into a table. This design makes dusting rather awkward.

5. The Sharingan Roof

Tired of boring roofs? Try this Sharingan roof, it is not as deadly and not as red; but it gets the sentiment across.

6. The Creepy Toilet

This is for those situations when you want to hug the crap out of someone.

7. The Door To the Other Side

This is for those dark times when you just want to take the easy way out.

8. The LadyRoom

This looks like something the Botanic Rick would design for his serenity bathroom if he was in the second episode of season four and that says a lot.

Also, everything in this bathroom is butt-wipeable so go crazy.

9. The NoFirePlace

Don’t have enough money for an actual fireplace, but still want the white-frame Instagram look? Try this. You can paint flames to the wall for extra-realism.

10. The Three F’s

These are words to live by; however, they seem to have missed the fourth important F. Still a better trio than eat, live, and love.

11. The Haunted Room

This room looks as haunted as it gets. Refrain from booking it on Airbnb if you want the only thing that’s going back and forth in the room to be you.

12. The Rocking Bed

Because rocks are known to be comfortable. Right?

And this Instagram user’s comment deserves a special mention.

13. The Illuminati Ceiling

A ceiling for all your occult needs. David Rockefeller must love this one.

14. The LivingBathRoom

This is for you if you can’t stand leaving your S.O’s sight even for a moment.

15. The Romcom Bathroom

And this one is for you if you are shy about being seen, but still want to hold hands with your S.O during the poop hour because you have separation anxiety.

16. The Reality-Changer

If you want to wash your hands with your alternate selves from another dimension, this one is for you.

17. The Hell Stairs

Imagine walking down these stairs drunk: you can’t because you have already fallen down.

18. The Upside Down

No, this is not an upside-down picture.

Stranger Things fans are flailing right now.

19. The Glitching Sims House

This looks like when you are trying to move around objects in Photoshop and moving one thing ruins all the other alignments.

20. Fart, Poop, Pee (in that order)

This is for those moments when you go to a room and forget what you went in for.

21. The PoolRoom

We can’t imagine who would like to sleep in here. Maybe that fish-human couple from The Shape of Water?

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