7 Innovative Road Repair and Maintenance Technologies

7 Innovative Road Repair and Maintenance Technologies

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Roads, roads, roads... They take us everywhere, even the furthest places. But when something happens on the road, like when there's roadwork or when there's a hole on the road or a speed bump that you didn't notice before passing over it, roads are the things that you swear at.

However, it's not easy to build all the roads that enable us to go anywhere we want, easier than going on a meadow or a marsh.


But building roads isn't the only part, repairing and maintaining can be pretty difficult and time-consuming too. But, with the right product, it also can be pretty easy. So, here are 7 innovative road repair and maintenance technologies.

1. Smart Manhole Repairing: Mr. Manhole

A sunken manhole can be pretty bothering; they can even damage vehicles. And if the debris drops into the sewer, it can cause a blockage, which would probably make people upset. Fixing sunken manholes can be difficult with manpower, but with Mr. Manhole's system, they can be fixed easily and quickly. It's also more durable and cheaper than traditional methods.

2. Stringless Curb&Gutter: The Power Curber 5700-C

There's no point to explain all of the benefits curbs and gutters can provide, but they're pretty important and efficient, and probably if they didn't exist, a lot more accidents than now would happen. But again, with manpower, it can be a troublesome work to build them. However; there's 5700-C for this. 5700-C is the highest-selling curb and gutter machine in the world. According to the customers of the company, thanks to 5700-C, they triple a normal day's production with less work.

3. Electric Snow Melting System: Warmly Yours

Winters can be pretty rough, especially if it snows. Shoveling and salting your driveway, patio, walkways or stairs can take a lot of time and power. But electric snow melting systems can be big helpers during the snowiest winters. To not make people suffer during winter on the roads, using this system would be convenient.

4. A Revolution in Building Roads: PlasticRoad

Building a new road can take a long time and it can cause a lot of traffic disruption. In the end, the result would be unhappy and angry people. But using plastic to build roads can make everything much easier. PlasticRoad says that by using plastic when building roads, constructing a road would take days instead of months, roads would last three times as long, cable, piping, and urban water problems are solved overnight.

5. Pothole Road Repair: ChipFill

Repairing roads has never been easier. This ChipFill product makes it so much easier to fill the holes on the road. It's far different from the traditional techniques and it's really easy to use, also it's much quicker with this product to fill the holes.

6. American Road Patch

American Road Patch solves every problem on the roads. Pothole repairs, speed bumps, asphalt or concrete crack sealing and preservation and much more. It's pretty practical and reduces the time spent on building roads. It doesn't cause a traffic jam on the road caused by roadwork. Now, all the roadworks which took hours before will only take minutes thanks to American Road Patch.

7. Installation of a Cable Duct Cover: Trigona

Installing cable duct cover can be pretty difficult and time-consuming for people, but this product makes it much easier to do it in less time it'd normally take. It's practical and causes no mess during the roadwork. Thus, there'll be no traffic jam and no angry people.

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