Virgin Galactic Offering More Tickets for Space Flights, Starting Now

Virgin Galactic Offering More Tickets for Space Flights, Starting Now

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If you're keen on getting up into Space aboard Virgin Galactic's tourist spaceflights, then today's your lucky day. You may even be able to skip the line ahead of everyone else — if you're able and willing to pay a "little" fee, that is.

Virgin announced on Tuesday that its One Small Step program is up and running, and will bump up any qualified customers to the front of the queue with confirmed reservations.


Signing up for a tourist spaceflight

The One Small Step registration went live just a few hours ago, at 3 AM Eastern Time on Wednesday 26th.

If you're serious about flying up to Space then sign on up. It'll "only" cost you $1,000 for a refundable deposit, and you simply have to register online.

You can now take One Small Step towards reserving your seat on a @VirginGalactic flight to space. Register here

— Virgin Galactic (@virgingalactic) February 26, 2020

You won't be shuttling off into orbit tomorrow, but it'll secure your spot at the front of the line as soon as Virgin Galactic is ready to launch its tourist spaceflights up there.

No confirmation of the actual ticket price or date of launch have yet been shared publicly, although CEO George Whitesides did mention that the price could be above $250,000 for these early birds.

With that in mind, it doesn't look likely that Virgin is offering this type of travel to just everyone.

The current rumor is that the first batch of tickets will go on sale before the end of 2020.

Ticket sales have been on pause since Virgin's 2014 fatal SpaceShipTwo crash, which led the company to put its operations on hold and reassess its next steps to opening the doors to tourist spaceflight.

That said, the company's first suborbital test flight in 2018 went according to plan, and Virgin has received over 8,000 applications of interest for future commercial flights. The company has already sold around 600 tickets for its inaugural flight, so time will tell how well this next batch will fare.

Some big names are part of the 600 tickets already sold, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber. Sir Richard Branson himself will also join the inaugural flight.

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