Newron Motors' Impressive EV-1 Electric Motorcycle Is Open for Pre-Orders

Newron Motors' Impressive EV-1 Electric Motorcycle Is Open for Pre-Orders

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A badass looking motorcycle that's electric and is now open to pre-orders. The French company, Newron Motors, released a prototype last year that's now seemingly going to hit the roads in a short while.

The Newron EV-1 is a wood panel electric motorcycle, and it's striking.

One-of-a-kind electric motorcycle

The Newron EV-1 is like nothing you've seen before. Its unique design made many people wonder whether or not this motorcycle would ever see the light of day. It turns out that that day may come sooner than you thought.

Newron Motors calls this motorcycle the "first electric power cruiser." It has an exoskeleton chassis that links the front and rear end of the motorcycle thanks to a structural battery. With its low seat, chopped out front end and high-end suspension, the rider is guaranteed a comfortable ride.

Its 75 kW PMAC engine gives the motorcycle 240 Nm of torque, allowing the bike to go from zero to 100 kph (62 mph) in under just three seconds. Its electronically controlled top speed reaches just under 220 kph (137 mph), and even from a standstill position, it can attain maximum torque.

The Newron EV-1 battery pack is also something to boast about. It has a city range of up to 300 km (186 miles), and a highway one of around 220 km (136 miles). Charging the bike at home overnight just requires a regular 3 kWh onboard charger, which allows it to fully charge within five hours. That said, with a CCS fast charging plug, the bike's battery can reach 80% charge in just 40 minutes from a DC charge station.

In terms of technology, the bike comes equipped with GPS navigation, has WiFi connectivity, and Bluetooth keeps the rider connected through their smartphone. Newron Motors has plans to add an App that allows riders to share their journey details.


Now for the important part. The Newron EV-1's price tag is just over $65,000, with a refundable deposit of $2,000. Production is expected to be finished in 2021.

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