Become a Python Pro in No Time with this Bundle

Become a Python Pro in No Time with this Bundle

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Ever wanted to learn Python? The complex coding language can be hard to master but not with this bundle: Coding with Python: The Ultimate Training for Aspiring Developers Bundle.

The bundle offers over 91 hours of instruction on basic to advanced Python programming from top-rated instructors such as Jose Salvatierra and Rob Percival.

The first course offers 34 hours of instruction in Python covering major topics including Object-Oriented Programming, Web Scraping, GUI development, and more.

The second course guides you in creating simple, intermediate, and advanced REST APIs including authentication, deployments, caching, and much more.

The third course offers 110 lectures that cover MArshmallow, Stripe, OAuth, Python 3.7, and more.

The fourth course helps you master software testing by understanding all types of test automation with Python. This course is jam-packed with all the latest technologies for you to use professionally and in personal projects, including mocking and patching, Postman, Selenium, Git, and more.

The fifth course will make sure you get familiar, understand, and then master Git. Finally, the last and sixth course is a one-stop-shop covering everything you need to start creating Python web applications that engage visitors and provide them with value.

Don't wait any longer! Become a Python pro with the Coding with Python: The Ultimate Training for Aspiring Developers Bundle now for just $49.99 — over 92% off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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