Become a Certified Project Manager by Training at Home

Become a Certified Project Manager by Training at Home

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Have you ever wanted to be a project manager? Now you can become one from the comfort of your own home with The Project Manager's Essential Certification Bundle Ft. Scrum, Agile & PMP.

The bundle offers 10 courses and 26 hours of comprehensive content on Scrum, PMP, CISSP, Six Sigma, and more. Manage and complete even the most complex project for your team with advanced Scrum skills, techniques and methods.

Master JIRA Agile cloud software to help you streamline your projects while turning yourself into a project management professional! Learn how to actually start building a real product backlog for a consumer banking application.

Learn to memorize just about anything, fast and perfectly. Delve into Agile Scrum, a simple method for managing and completing even the most complex projects.

Understand what Scrum is and how it will benefit your projects. Master Kanban, a method for just in time delivery of tasks (such as product services, support, and maintenance) without overloading your workforce.

Learn Agile Scrum, a simple method for managing and completing even the most complex projects, even in difficult situations. Learn about User Stories, the description of a product feature or requirement from a user’s perspective.

Finally, prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Get all this and more now for just $49.99 — over 97% off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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