Hospital Is Using Umbrella Corporation's Logo from Resident Evil for Their COVID-19 Updates Folder

Hospital Is Using Umbrella Corporation's Logo from Resident Evil for Their COVID-19 Updates Folder

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Umbrella Corp. logo used as an icon for an COVID-19 updates folder 1, 2

In times like these, when there's a virus circulating the world and most people are under lockdown, it's good to have a little chuckle to stay upbeat.

A hospital's nurse shared on Reddit the icon their hospital is using for the COVID-19 updates folder, and it's one for the gaming aficionados. The icon they've chosen is really similar to Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation's logo. Let's just hope there isn't a true zombie outbreak anytime soon.


No malicious intentions

Many gamers will recognize the game called Resident Evil and its infamous Umbrella Corporation logo. For those who don't know, it's a red and white umbrella.

Resident Evil is a singleplayer/multiplayer tactical shooter game that features zombies, and Umbrella Corporation is the source of T-virus that caused the zombie outbreak.

In an entertaining manner, a hospital used the logo of the company, Umbrella Corporation, featured in the game for its COVID-19 updates computer folder. Instead of chasing zombies, hospital workers chase the coronavirus.

We contacted the nurse who posted the image and information on Reddit, however, they preferred not to comment and wished to remain anonymous, as well as not mention the hospital's name for privacy reasons.

They did say, however, that they're certain the person who made the decision to use that icon meant it as a joke and not in any malicious manner. The assumption is that someone in the I.T. department chose the logo. A positive spin was created by the person who chose the logo as, according to the nurse, it brought a laugh to their co-workers in the hospital. That's precisely what medical workers need these days.

A laugh and a smile can go a long long way. So even if there could be a bit of a pushback against a zombie video game logo being used for the COVID-19 updates in a hospital file, what truly matters is that medical workers' morale is kept high. This seems to have done just that.

Some of the comments on the Reddit post have been lighthearted and fun, definitely making many video game fans happy as well as hospital workers. Take a look at some of the posts here.

Also, stay up to date with how engineers and scientists around the world are working together to help us get through the COVID-19 pandemic here.

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