Amputee Skydiver Drops Prosthetic Leg, Eagle-Eyed Farmer Returns It

Amputee Skydiver Drops Prosthetic Leg, Eagle-Eyed Farmer Returns It

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It's once been said that the things we lose have a peculiar way of coming back to us in the end, sometimes in ways we least expect.

In such a case, a double amputee skydiver has got his prosthetic leg which he had lost while skydiving back, thanks to a sharp-eyed Vermont farmer who found it intact among his crops.

His prosthetic leg fell while skydiving

Chris Marckres had gone for a tandem jump Saturday at Vermont Skydiving Adventures in Addison, where adrenaline junkies go regularly to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Champlain Valley.

The jump must have been such a thrilling experience that Marckres didn't realize his prosthetic leg was missing until he touched the ground.

"I think my adrenaline was so high and I was just so excited, I didn't realize I had lost it," he told NECN/WYCN.

Encouraged the locals to keep an eye out

For those who might not know, the price of a new prosthetic leg can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000, so that was troublesome indeed. Marckres made a post on Facebook directed to local residents, encouraging them to keep an eye out for his missing leg.


Joe Marzalkowski, a West Addison farmer whose property is located near the site of the accident, was among those who had seen the post. After searching his property, he found the leg which was in perfect condition except for a few scratches.

"I was very grateful to have found it without running it over with a machine this fall during harvest," Marszalkowski said. "Or, God forbid, the combine sucked it up -- it would've destroyed it."

A wholesome experience for everyone involved

The leg was found on Sunday just to be returned to its owner on Monday. Needless to say, Marckres was over the moon after reuniting with his leg after such short notice.

Stating how positive of an experience it was, he said that numerous people helped him search for his leg actively and by spreading the word.

"I can't thank everybody enough, especially Joe. We kind of take for granted sometimes how many truly good people there still are in the world," Marckres said.

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