Rolls Royce Reveals Its Ultra-Exclusive Dawn Silver Bullet

Rolls Royce Reveals Its Ultra-Exclusive Dawn Silver Bullet

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Recently, Rolls Royce came forward with a complete reveal of its latest exclusive ride 2020 Dawn Silver Bullet. Indeed, the car is a sight to behold with 563 HP under its hood. The 5000 pounds (2260 kg) beast is a pinnacle of how comfortable, self-indulgent, and exclusive we can get with rides.

The Dawn Silver Bullet model will be limited to exactly 50 copies in the world. Although the car is a variation on the Dawn model, its prices are expected to exceed Dawn's base model pricing of $370,000 USD.


Before COVID-19 stole the spotlight from such worldly Dharmas, Rolls Royce released a catalog of artistic renderings last March. After all, it was set to be the first collection car Rolls Royce was to roll out this decade.

One of the most significant features of the Dawn models is the Aero Cowling feature. In the company website, it's explained as "The Aero Cowling, which can be fitted and removed at a client’s discretion, encloses the rear seats beneath a beautifully hand-made cover, with two cowls rising from the leading edge of the tonneau area, to a point just behind each front seat headrest."

This way, the driver can not only convert between an open or a closed vehicle, but also choose whether it'll be a 2-seater or a 4-seater.

For sure it's lucky (and probably extremely rich) owners will get to enjoy wondrous rides along the coast, with the sun scorching and wind soothing their skin in their car. No other car delivers the sense of self-indulgence and vacuity of the jazz age better than Rolls Royce Dawn Silver Bullet.

Taking a one on one trip out to the countryside with your significant other? Who needs the extra seats anyway, make room for your luggage. The Base Dawn model comes with a 6.6-liter V12 engine, turbocharged to 563 HP and 605 pound-feet (820 nm) torque, we cannot expect Dawn Silver Bullet to include anything less.

Watch the video: Dawn Silver Bullet at Rolls-Royce Orange County (August 2022).