Optimize Your Data Science Skills with This Comprehensive Bundle

Optimize Your Data Science Skills with This Comprehensive Bundle

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You may be a successful data scientist or just a beginner who loves data science. Whatever category you fall into there's always room for optimizing and upgrading your skills.

The Deep Learning & Data Analysis Certification Bundle offers 30 hours of content on Data Analysis, Visualization, Statistics, Deep Learning and more. Better yet, the classes are taught by the best selling instructor and data scientist Minerva Singh.

The first class is on Google Data Studio (GDS), a free dashboard and reporting tool that allows you to create dynamic reports and visualization dashboards. In the second class, you will master H2O in R, a beneficial tool companies use to sift through the vast amount of information at their disposal.

In the third course, you will learn regression analysis, one of the central aspects of both statistical and machine learning-based analysis. The fourth course is a complete neural network and deep learning training with PyTorch in Python.

The fifth course provides a complete guide to practical image processing and computer vision tasks using Python. The sixth is a full 3-hour Python Keras Neural Network & Deep Learning Boot Camp.

Finally, in the seventh course, you dive into R data science using real data while you master time series analysis using R in the eighth one. Get all these essential courses in just one bundle now for $39.99 -- over 97off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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