Power Up Your Electrical Engineering Career with This Comprehensive Bundle

Power Up Your Electrical Engineering Career with This Comprehensive Bundle

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Do you want to have a lucrative electrical engineering career but dread going back to school for long and tedious classes? We have a solution for you!

The Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle offers 13 courses and over 34 hours of training on Electric Circuits, Machines, Power Generation, Electronics, and more. These classes are meant to take you from an absolute beginner level to a real pro in no time.

The first course will teach you the basic concepts such as current, voltage, power, and energy regarding the electric circuits, as well as the basic laws of electric circuits as resistance, conductance, the combination of resistance and conductance, KVL, KCL, Ohm's law, star-delta transformations and more.

The second course tackles the different methods of analysis in electric circuits as mesh analysis and nodal analysis, in addition to different circuit theorems such as superposition, Norton theorem, Thevenin theorem, source transformation theorem, and how to get maximum power from the circuit.

The third course covers the different types of operational amplifiers such as ideal op-amp, inverting amplifier, non-inverting amplifier, summing, and difference circuits. And that is just the beginning! There are 10 more courses that cover everything from induction generators to DC machines to electrical power systems.

Get all these classes in just one bundle now for $59.99 -- over 95off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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